Years ago, I collected Central Asian textiles primarily for the Russian printed-cotton cloth that lined them since that was my main interest at the time. Many of these prints found their way into my book, Russian Textiles: Printed Cloth for the Bazaars of Central Asia. As it was next to impossible to find just the cloth by itself, I bought many robes and embroideries simply for their interesting printed linings. Sometimes these pieces were slightly damaged and the prices here reflect that. Other textiles in the BARGAIN BAZAAR are in very good condition and their low prices simply reflect the prices that I was able to acquire them for. I am passing my good fortune along by adding these textiles to the BARGAIN BAZAAR.

These are the pieces that appear here. They may still make attractive wall hangings, or if taken carefully apart, very special pillows. And of course, the fabric patterns are a marvelous source of inspiration for designers.